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Less than 5 remaining of this generation. Will not be reproduced so collect it while you can!!!!


-A magnetic rotary tattoo machine with coil machine performance (Slapping hit with magnetic give).

-With simple and consistent independent tuning. (Stroke, force of hit, and speed ). Being able individually adjustable.

-A consistent magnet hub replacing springs. (No Springs Attached!!)

-Can be tuned for all needle groupings and settings (liner, shader, color).


This second generation includes the following inovations for better lining performance and durability. 


Shortened height- Smaller distance between armature bar and bottom of vice clip. (Helps improve clearance with grips with shorter backstems. Improves ergonomics with bigger hands.)


Rounded vice- Round vice clip. (Improves comfort when resting machine on hand/finger.)


Lightened armature bar- Material removed from armature bar by rounding front end, adding holes and shorter stainless steel impact screw. (Smooths and softens hit when working with smaller magnets. Improves lining and smooth shading. ) Included is a brass wingnut to replace the steel one. This will add more weight back onto the armature bar if desired.


Front posts- Two upright posts added to front of frame. ( Replaces armature bar cushion that was previously in the rear underneath the armature bar. Making the part more durable and easier to service. Also protects armature bar incase of machine being dropped.)


Tightened clip cord posts- Distance between clip cord post shortened and moved closer to frame. ( Creates more tension with clip cord for stronger electrical connection. Also makes the machine slightly more compact)


Symmetric motor unit- The electronic assembly and inside of the frame and been reshaped to a symmetrical design. ( This allows motor to be mounted in either right or left handed positions without the need to be completely disassembled . Simply remove the four mounting screws and remove the electronic and remount them in the desired position.)

Last of 2nd Generation Q Tattoo Machine

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