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How do I clean the machine.

The best way is to wipe the machine down with disinfectant wipes or a paper towel sprayed with disinfectant. Never spray the machine as the disinfectant may damage the internal parts or electronics.


Payment and Shipping

I accept PayPal and Credit Card. International shipping is with DHL (Tracking included) within Switzerland A-post (signature  required).


Power connection.

I have at the moment Clip cord connections only. However a RCA or mini jack conversion kit (not offered) can easily be mounted to the machine as the binding post screws are accessible and insulated from the frame. It is also possible to flip the binding post to the back if desired. I would however recommend aligning the clipcord hole a bit offset to keep it from swinging into the armature bar.



I will cover repairs within 1 year of purchase for the original owner. As long as the machine was not dropped or otherwise abused. 

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