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My tattoo machine designing started circa 2006. I was in my first few years of learning the art of tattooing and like many other people I was struggling with the technical side of learning to tune and maintain my tattoo machines. I loved the history and feeling of working with coil tattoo machines, however lacked the knowledge to troubleshoot them. At the time rotary machines where starting to rapidly develop but i could not get accustomed to there lack of hit and poor lining qualities.  

I was always interested in technical things and studied architecture and mechanical drawing in high school. One day when walking through the hardware store I noticed they had a magnet section and seen for the first time in my life Neodymium (rare earth) magnets. I was fascinated by there strength to size ratio. It wasn't until later when seeing a documentary on AC power and Nicola Tesla that i got the idea to use them to make an AC powerd (alternating current)  tattoo machine. 

I spent the next 12 years prototyping and testing an AC powered machine. Spending countless hours learning and researching electronics, physics, and manufacturing. As well as developing as a tattooer, meeting incredibly talented artists along the way who helped me in testing and giving valuable inspiration and feedback. I will always be thankful to everyone who helped me.

In around 2017 I had another idea for a rotary driven machine that used the same magnets I had been using in my AC machines. But did not require the special power unit needed to run it.  As well as eliminating many other disadvantages of AC power. I had this new rotary design 3d printed and quickly tested it, but since I was so invested in the AC power I did not pursue its development until 2018. 

This new design however was a major breakthrough. I was able to isolate the adjustment of speed, power(force of hit) and stroke length. Each one being independently adjustable gave the ability for the machine to be fully tuneable for each situation. (Lining, Shading, Color, Stippling) From working soft fineline single needle to pushing large magnum needles with power.  All with just a few easy to understand adjustments. Most importantly it also kept the familiar sharp slap and true magnetic give of the traditional coil machines.


I also spent a lot of energy in simplifying the design of the machine. I believe that simplicity and elegance of design translates into durability and practicality. I will constantly drive to improve the machine and believe the work will never be finished. I understand this can be frustrating to the artist because we always want the best tools available. Because of this I produce in smaller batches and cannot guarantee that a color of frame will be available in the future. 


In the beginning of 2019 I began to sell them. At first to friends and slowly opening up to selling to others directly. I hope this site will help me to manage the growing demand and make it easier for tattooers to access the machines. I look forward to delivering them to tattooers and hopefully make there work day go a little bit easier. 

I look forward to hearing your feedback over social media or in person. And hope to be able to continue to help other tattooers have a more enjoyable work experience :)




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