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- 150g-170 depending on generation

- Aircraft aluminium, Stainless steel, Brass, POM, PEEK

- Balance point centered

- No springs

- Coil machine performance ( slapping hit, magnetic give)

- Consistency and easy tuning of rotary machines

- Tube vice good for steel or plastic (no twist) 

- Stroke adjustment 0-6mm using set screw on armature bar

- Speed control by voltage (6-10v DC)

- Power of hit adjusted by changing rear magnet size,

  (Various sizes included)

- Single needle to 35 magnum +

- Can be tuned to line, shade, color pack, stipple

- no tools required to adjust tuning

- Cartridge needle compatible 

  (standard needles recommended for best performance)

- Ability to run silent or with slapping hit

- 3rd generation machines 


Have modular design (frame easily removable from motor) allows for a single motor unit run multiple frames. Each frame is set with the desired needle and tube. The stroke and power of hit can be set on the frame for the loaded needle. During tattooing the frames can be swapped out easily (magnetic connection). 

This is practical for

-Maintenance, motors can be renewed without having to return/repair machines.

-Travel, one motor unit and multiple frames will weigh less and take less space in bag.

-Economical, additional frames can be purchased without having to purchase electronics.

-Dedicated frames, frames can be set for your favourite stroke and power for a particular needle insuring consistent performance every time.

This generations "feel" is powerful and smooth. Very much like my first generation machines, for those who know. But can also be tuned down for smaller groupings and a softer hit. 



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