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3rd Generation Q tattoo machine frame. (No Motor)

Includes various drive magnet sizes.


-A magnetic rotary tattoo machine with coil machine performance (Slapping hit with magnetic give).

-With simple and consistent independent tuning. (Stroke, force of hit, and speed ). Being able individually adjustable.

-A consistent magnet hub replacing springs. (No Springs Attached!!)

-Can be tuned for all needle groupings and settings (liner, shader, color).


This third generation Q tattoo machine is an evolution of the previous versions of my machines. 


The modular concept allows for easy removal of the machine motor to be removed from the frame. This allow for frames to be  individually set up with different needle groupings, the stroke and drive magnet size be choosen and set. When tattooing the frames can be swapped out allowing for use of mulitiple frames and just a single motor unit. 


Other than just being cool the system has some great advantages.


- lightweight traveling. (Motor 95 grams, Frame 75 grams)

- simplified electronics maintenance (easily removed or replaced)

- economical (purchasing only frames instead of complete machines) 

- RCA connection for use with battery or cable

- easier to switch drive magnets.

- split rear vice for easier loading of needle when in tube

- easy swaping of frames because of magnetic connection

- use with standard or cartridge needles (standard recommended)


When ordering from outside of Switzerland, local taxes and import fees may apply.

3rd Generation Q Tattoo Machine Frame

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